The EACH ONE Campaign

It all started thirty-seven years ago with five families in a small living room who began to dream. What would God do with a group of people who are committed to seeing Jesus elevated in their lives and in the world around them? While they gathered and prayed, God began to form a vision that became Grace Fellowship Chapel.

If you look across the landscape of the church today, you can see how God has used the faithfulness of the people who have come before us. The children’s ministry is full of energy and excitement. Despite a less than ideal space on the lower level, participation in our children’s ministry has steadily grown. The crowded foyer and
lobby space is bustling with conversations and new connections. This past spring, these new connections led to one of the most exciting moments in church history when we hosted our largest baptism celebration ever. And every week new faces visit our church and see what God is doing.

Our impact hasn’t been limited to our church community, God has been using us to impact our city and the world at large! Whether it be supporting local elementary schools or partnering with global organizations, God has been moving through Grace Fellowship Chapel, changing lives and impacting stories through the generosity of the Gospel.

Our goal is to better equip our church building to be a welcoming place for our neighbors. To achieve this, we are launching into a one-year initiative called “EACH ONE.”

Our sacrifice will need to be two-fold. First, we are asking that we give ourselves to that Luke 15 calling to go and pursue people who aren’t thinking about God. Giving our time and energy to invest relationally with a local person we know who doesn’t know Jesus. We call that person your “ONE”. We dream of a day when each of us will have more than one person that we are investing in like this, but we can each start with one. Second, we are asking each of us to make a financial commitment as we take steps to prepare our facility for this next season of ministry.


Campaign Projects

Lower Entrance And Ministry Area

We will refresh our lower level children’s ministry space adding a kid-friendly entrance and walkway.

We want to give our kids ministry a fun and welcoming space while also giving parents peace of mind when their kids walk outdoors.

Lobby Space

We will refresh the lobby space, adding a dedicated visitor center and check-in location for children. We believe hospitality needs to be a distinctive part of our guest’s experience at Grace Fellowship Chapel.

Sanctuary Technology

We will invest in the sanctuary’s technology to help enhance the experience of our One, both in person and when they watch online.

Make Your Pledge!


A note from

Pastor Ryan

As a church, we’ve seen amazing growth and continue to see great impact in our community, but we know that God desires for so much more.

There are over 40,000 people right here in Carroll County who do not know Jesus. They are our friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow parents at the sports field. EACH ONE of us who has experienced the generosity of Jesus has a story to share. Stories of his kindness, faithfulness, and love; all stories worth being told.

As our leadership has been praying about this next season of ministry, we believe God has provided a direction to help us live out that mission that Jesus gave in Luke 15. A mission to pursue
and love people who don’t know Jesus. We have a long legacy of sacrificing on behalf of people who are not here yet. Thirty-seven years ago, five families stepped out in faith to help birth this church called Grace Fellowship Chapel and twenty-seven years ago another group made this 20 Bell Road campus possible.

Now it is our turn to sacrifice on behalf of our friends, neighbors and people we don’t know yet, to see them impacted by the same Jesus that is changing us. To do this, we will need to commit to reaching those around us by giving ourselves and our resources to this mission. This is a season in our church that you will not want to miss.


Is Grace Fellowship Chapel changing our vision or strategic plan?

No. Our vision has not changed, nor has our strategic plan. We have consistently shared over the previous two years our belief and confidence that God has called GFC to engage unchurched people in Gospel-influencing relationships.

The Holy Spirit is leading GFC to be a church of influence, where each of us are encouraged and equipped to be a community of catalysts who, having fully embraced the Gospel, are now relying on the Gospel to transform our lives and the lives of Each One around them. Beginning in late 2019, the Holy Spirit led us to become more intentional in reaching the unchurched and this initiative gives us next steps as a means to fulfill our strategic plan.

What was the outcome of the process?

The leadership unanimously concluded that it was time to boldly move forward to strengthen what we do well and provide for where we need strengthening. Each One introduces next steps to serve a growing church into the future.

Believing God wants Grace Fellowship Chapel to be a place where more people — in any season of life and from any background — can find Him to grow in grace and truth, joy, and love; this initiative is a special opportunity for us to trust, obey, and follow God on a remarkable journey. He is asking everyone in the church family to live missionally in everyday interactions with those with whom we have influence. Living with those to be reached in mind, we are calling the entire GFC family to join together in living sacrificially for life transformation and trusting God to provide through a pledge campaign to expand ministries and enhance our facilities to better accommodate a growing community.

Will the close family feel at GFC change as a result of a growth plan like this?

No.  In addition to changes that we plan to make to engage new individuals and families to enhance their experience this campaign will also provide support in areas that grow discipleship in our church family, growing us in our relationship with Jesus Christ as well as growing us in faith side by side with our brothers and sisters in Christ at GFC.

When will the project begin?

A number of these initiatives will begin soon. Some will be more visually obvious than others. Additional initiatives will phase in as donations are made.

What exactly are you asking me to do?

Pray without ceasing as God’s Word instructs!   Pray to see our passion to reach more lives in our community become an increasingly reality.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to lay upon your heart whom He would have you invite to GFC.  Pray about making a monetary pledge to the EACH ONE initiative.  We’re hoping that every person who calls Grace Fellowship Chapel home will give financially, beyond their current regular giving.  Pray for the provision of a legacy for generations yet to come; a beautiful space that welcomes the broken and points them to Jesus.  What might God do through us for the sake of the people He has placed in our lives?  Pray for God to transform EACH ONE of us personally?

What was the process our leaders went through to develop this campaign?

Each One of our leaders spent considerable time in prayer, and prayer with fasting. They prayed fervently for guidance from the Spirit asking for perspective and clarity on their dreams. Ideas confirmed by the Holy Spirit related to GFC’s ministries, advantages and limitations of the facility, need for fulfilling enhanced High 5 and children’s ministries. We desire a well organized welcoming environment for those called by Christ to join us in worship with the preeminent goal simply “that the Spirit of Christ would give us the Mind of Christ to enable us as leaders to conclude Christ's will for Grace Fellowship Chapel.”

What is driving these changes?

Though we will improve community and accessibility for our own church family, these changes are primarily to reach new people — especially EACH ONE of the unchurched seeking a great church home, and families who want facilities that demonstrate a commitment to their children.  Twenty-five years ago, the congregation took a huge step of faith to build this multi-use facility that could be repurposed as we grew — and so it has.  But it was never envisioned to be a final step.

What is a vision initiative and how long does it take?

We are launching a vision initiative called “Each One.” This will be a unique opportunity for our whole congregation to focus our attention on reaching the Each One God has placed in our lives for us to influence through the gospel. The initiative will be implemented over a seven-week period to shape our outreach for the immediate future. The initiative will call each of us, individually, to step up to living lives of sacrifice – both with our time and our giving to reach people here in our local area who do not know Jesus.

Will Grace Fellowship Chapel take on debt for this project?

No. We will use some existing building fund monies set aside to begin projects and will augment the funds raised during this campaign.

Why are we choosing to conduct a campaign now as opposed to simply budgeting it into the operating funds?

The ultimate purpose of the campaign is to draw the congregation into unity for vision and mission as we reach out to our community. Just as Jesus noticed the Each One around Him and ministered personally to their need, the seven-week teaching series will challenge us to identify the Each One strategically placed in our lives to influence for the gospel.

The nature and timing of this initiative calls the entire family into a deeper faith and walk with Jesus. Our current weekly tithes and offerings support the current operating expenses of the church but do not allow us to advance to the place where we believe God is calling GFC.

Pray with us as we seek EACH ONE

Luke 15:4